5 Pawsitively Perfect Gifts for Dogs

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What better time than the holiday season to spoil your dog with a few fun gifts? We’ve rounded up a few of our favorite finds to keep your furry friend (large or small) entertained, looking good and staying safe through the new year. 

I rescued Gracie, a Coton de tulear, from Great Plains SPCA almost a year ago. She’s small but mighty, so a good harness is essential when we go out on walks. I’m a big fan of the Puppia mesh harnesses because their excellent quality and fun colors and patterns. Gracie has been wearing an 8-year-old hand-me-down harness that is finally starting to show some wear after dozens of washings, so I decided to pick out a new one for her this year for Christmas. Puppia harnesses are available on Amazon.com in a variety of sizes and colors. 

Next up for Gracie is a new bag of her favorite dental treats, Brushless Toothpaste by ARK Naturals. I first discovered these while browsing my local Natural Grocers store. They caught my eye because smaller dogs are notorious for dental problems and trying to brush Gracie’s teeth with an actual toothbrush is quite the challenge. These particular treats are made with natural ingredients to freshen breath and control plaque, tartar and bacteria. Gracie goes crazy for these despite having a very sensitive stomach, and they seem to be doing a nice job keeping her teeth clean after a few months of daily use.  (As always, supervise your dog while they are consuming treats.) Pick up a bag on Amazon.com or at Natural Grocers stores.

Since Gracie is white and loves rolling around in the dirt outside, she needs to be bathed fairly frequently. I’ve used EarthBath pet products for years with great results, so I continued to use them once I adopted Gracie. The divinely scented formulas (e.g. Vanilla Almond and Mango Tango) leave your pet smelling wonderful without harsh chemicals or residue. Bonus: EarthBath products are 100-percent bio-degradable and cruelty free, which makes us feel great as consumers. Pick some up on Amazon.com or in Petco stores.


Laura also wanted to share a few gift recommendations perfect for Ogi, her Great Dane:

To say Ogi is hard on toys would be an understatement. His stuffed animals are mostly rags. None of them have tails or ears. And, should any of them include balls, they’re most often flying across the living room. Last year, I tried to get him gifts that could stand up to the challenge of surviving a year while also being a bit out of the box. …his pink oinking pig lasted 2 months before it lost a leg.

So, this year, I’m trying even harder. First, he’s getting a full-size wooden baseball bat. Dude loves sticks but isn’t allowed to have them in the house, so this is my compromise. He was also super obsessive about the Royals World Series run this Fall, so this gift is pretty much perfect.

He’s also getting a canvas chew toy that I lucked into finding on Small Business Saturday. This one makes my inner small business lover scream with joy. It’s made from a recycled canvas tote and stuffed with a crinkly water bottle — both things that he loves to steal from the kitchen counters. It’s handmade by The Odd Dog out of Plymouth, MA — but you can snag it right here in Kansas City’s own Hand & Land.


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