Brooke Ratterree


Brooke is a purveyor of pretty. Our vinyl vixen is beyond obsessed with the classic crackle of a record, especially if it’s playing Jack White. She’s a leadership and marketing guru that packs a punch in the kitchen. Plus, her crafty ways, sustainable living and healthy lifestyle make her our go-to goddess for DIY everything.

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Laura Noll


Laura is straight up ridiculous. Our snowboarding superwoman spends most of her time wandering the ins and outs of marketing and customer experience. Amidst her nerdiness, she’s a wine-toting, gym-loving adrenaline junkie with a hair for fashion, eye for design and a ginormous Great Dane, Ogilvy T. Rex Von Hambone.

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Allie McDowell


Having thrived in the 60s/70s in a past life, Allie is our flower child. By day, she’s a social media rockstar and, by night, a pop culture wondergirl. She bumped into a guy on the way to the bathroom once — then married him. Now, she lives a blissful life complete with running an occasional, but still insane, 13.1.

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Shanda Cook


Nothing makes Shanda happier than rocking out to her favorite bands from the front row of local concert venues. A close second would be snuggling with her new Maltese-mix puppy, Gracie. Always up for a challenge, this tough-as-nails girly-girl also enjoys home renovation, DIY projects, organization and making things look beautiful.

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